Blue pearl | Morocco

Blue pearl

Chefchaouen | Morocco

It is a little over four hours we have been bumping by line bus through the desolate landscape of the Rif Mountains. The image of an utterly remote place is completed by a mysterious older man sitting in the middle of nowhere on a white plastic chair, grazing a donkey. Where he came from is a mystery, but one gets used to such curiosities in Morocco quite quickly. Finally, we are welcomed by the destination of our journey – the blue pearl – the city of Chefchaouen.

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Malebné vstupní dřevěné dveře, rámované modrými oblouky, do jednoho z domů v městě Chefchaouen.
Paní v oranžovém tradičním oblečení kráčí křivolakou modrou uličkou modrého klenotu Maroka, města Chefchaouen.
Chefchaouen je plný barev, což dokazují všudypřítomné pytle s barvivy.

Entrance prohibited for christians!

Blue-plastered walls are said to evoke heaven and paradise and lead to faith, but evil tongues claim that the blue color repels mosquitoes. This complex labyrinth of picturesque streets was founded in the fifteenth century by Jews and Muslims fleeing the Spanish reconquest. Few would say today that the city was once a dreaded fortress to which Christians were forbidden to enter under threat of death. Today, however, no one will take your head off here. On the contrary, the locals will be happy to invite you to a delicious tea, which is part of the lifestyle throughout Morocco.
Chefchaouen v záři zapadajícího slunce, vyfocen od Španělské mešity nad městem.

What is it going to be? Hashish or carpet?

One can suddenly appear on the roof of a stranger’s house here, in a hidden darkened carpet store that looks like the drug market, or in a real drug market that looks like a carpet store. A third of the world’s hashish production is produced around Chefchaouen. Although the industry has been illegal in the country since 2004, it still forms an integral part of the local economy. You will come across street sellers of this drug about as often as artisans luring gullible tourists to their workshops. They will show them how their small business works. Of course, free of charge. The fact that the tourist soon leaves burdened with a carpet, mat and jelaba (traditional local clothing) is only a minor detail.
Výhled na domy posetý protilehlý kopec během východu slunce naproti severo africkému městu Chefchaouen.
Malebné modré podloubí porostlé popínavými rostlinami.

Wandering around aimlessly

Moroccans are in no hurry, and in Chefchaouen, this is twice as true. Let yourself be lulled by this style and visit one of the many cafes interwoven in the medina. You should definitely taste the traditional stewed tagine dish served in a typical ceramic vessel. The city will captivate you with its atmosphere, and wandering aimlessly through its nooks and crannies is an extraordinary adventure.
Vylidněné Chefchaounské náměstíčko Place El Haouta.
Místní žena v bledě modrých šatech procházející křivolakou ulicí Chefchaouenu.
Starý slepec sedící před branami do Chefchaounské Alkasaby.
Modrá stoupající ulička města Chefchaouen, dekorovaná sytě oranžovými a červenými kontrastními koberci.

Chefchaouen in all its beauty

In the late afternoon, set your course above the city to the Spanish Mosque for a fabulous sunset. This very short hike is not demanding at all, and from the city laundry (Lavadero de la Ciudad) at the edge of the medina, it takes roughly a quarter of an hour. Whether you are a fan of romance, beautiful nature, unknown culture, adventure, or some other stuff there is something for everyone in Chefcahouen.

Spanish Mosque

Take the narrow path from Lavadero de la ciudad 35.170511847552135, -5.256550673503937. Lenght: 700m, altitude: 78m, time (to the top): 15min.
Detail pestrobarevných balíčků s mýdly prodávaný v jednom s Chefchaouenských krámků.
Paní věšící prádlo na šnůru svého balkónu časně z rána.
Pohled na splývající střechy modrého města Chefchaouen.
Průhled přes cihelný oblouk do půvabné slepé uličky.

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