Interactive exhibition, which breaks down stereotypes

The main purpose of NE:VÝSTAVA was to break down the stereotype of contemporary displaying of photography and exhibitions in general. Our goal was to show the photos in an unconventional way and to use the interactive elements to engage the visitors to get a stronger experience of the event. We went a little further. Visitors had plenty of space to sit, the exhibits could be touched, and small refreshments were available as well. Visitors could personally interact with the authors during the whole event. There were in total three section – 360 ° of Architecture (Ondřej Hromádko), Art of Nature (Tomáš Havel) and Baltic Journey (Jan Volejníček)

360° of Architecture

I was the author of the introductory section focused mainly on fine-art architectural photography. The concept of this section was to create an abstract city using monoliths made of wooden boxes. Through this city, the visitor could walk and admire individual photos from the various angles in which they were installed. The intention was to encourage the curiosity of the audience to find the right angle and show them a closer look at this photographic discipline.

Few atmospheric photos from my section

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