Angel of the lord 2 helps

Angel of the Lord 2 helps – winter charitable campaign for Klub nemocných cystickou fibrózou

client: Klub nemocných cystickou fibrózou |

In the spring of 2017, the renowned Czech director Jiří Strach addressed the klub nemocných cystickou fibrózou (a non-profit organization that helps the cystic fibrosis patients) with an offer to sell a merchandise t-shirt with a motive of his newly released movie fairytale Angel of the Lord 2. Neither he nor the club knew at the time that he had just given the initial impetus to something far greater. So the Angel of the Lord 2 helps campaign was born. Klub gradually received approval from producers and filmmakers and could eventually use the resonating name of the current second-most-visited film in the Czech Republic after 1993 to raise awareness and fundraising. The campaign partially started on the social network of the klub already in the spring, but its main phase took place at Christmas time. The online section was supported then by a short spot(LINK) broadcasted on Czech television. Ivan Trojan, the actor who played the main character of the fairy tale – Angel Petronel directed it as well as took a part alongside his colleague Jiří Dvořák naturally both in their film costumes. The major objective was to lead viewers and visitors of the online space to a microsite where the essence of this insidious and yet incurable disease was highlighted. It also aimed to raise funds through DMS and a transparent account in order to support and partially reimburse patients’ treatment.

I have been involved in the project since the very beginning as a creative supervisor for a klub nemocných cystické fibrózy. I formed a team for the online part of the campaign and partially coordinated its operation. I am behind the idea and production of accompanying photographic visuals. These were used for sponsored Facebook banner ads as well as the content of the microsite campaign, which I also took care of. Alongside me, Alice Zábranská (production and copywriting), Anna Buriánová (production and social networks), Marek Bernard (assisting photography, idea-making, and graphics) and Kateřina Sivoková (idea-making and BTS photographer) participated in the online part of the campaign.

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