Senja – unknown paradise

First thing that most people recall when you say Norway would be probably fjords, beautiful nature, maybe tuna and then almost certainly Lofoten. It is not surprise because those islands are on bucket list of almost every avid traveler and nature lover on earth. Nevertheless, I am not going to write about them today and you might ask yourself why I even mention them. The thing is that everybody knows where are Lofoten located but only few people know where or even what Senja is. In fact, it is only few kilometers above to the north. I asked myself frequently how it is even possible that Lofoten are overwhelmed by the masses of tourists and on the nearby Senja you will literally not meet a soul. Blame is mostly on Instagram and other social networks where we daily encounter lots of stunning pictures of unusually beautiful places. Therefore I would not like to just describe what I had found interesting during that few days I was at Senja, but also how I felt. Hopefully I will give you guys a reason to think because there are myriad of wonderful places on earth which deserves our attention (not only the famouse ones).


Firstly, the magnificent “lonely” mountain is something not to be missed. It is located at the northern peninsula between Mefjorden and Øyfjorden. There are two possible hikes which you can take there. First one – steeper and longer will lead you directly to the top of the mountain however I will personally recommend you chose the second one. It takes you to the saddle below the mountain and then to Hesten peak, from where you can see iconic view (photo below) which I memorized to the end of life. Trailhead for both is in Fjordgård. For the first option you should turn left at the first crossroad when you get into the village and then continue up above the local school where you can leave your car at small parking. The second path is far more hidden and it´s actually not marked on the map as a tourist route however you should not be concerned about that because it´s completely save. The only problem you might encounter is possibility of swamps at the beginning. Nothing to overcome with good boots. This hike exactly starts at 69°30’30.5″N 17°37’24.2″E and takes roughly two hours to get to the Hesten.

Thanks to its position high above the polar circle, Senja belong to places where the sun never set in the summer, so you can enjoy “midnight sun”. The photo above for example was taken exactly at 3:14AM. At that time, we were the only ones far away. You might think that it is obvious due to time but believe it or not it or not at same time somewhere else a large group of photographers is waiting for a similarly breathtaking moment. Per a day and half in the middle of July spend near Segla we met only 4 tourists.


Another hike worth mentioning is the one to Husfjellet. The journey itself starts in little village named Skaland right next to local church where you can also leave your car. in terms of difficulty it is rather easy as it is only 7.7km in total (out and back) trail with elevation of 640metres. The path is divided into two main parts. Firstly, you walk up through the woods to the widespread plain from where you just follow the road up till the top of the mountain. Husfjellet itself offers stunning 360° scenery.


Spiky mountain row Okshornan is also known as Dragon´s or devil´s teeth. It can be seen from different places however the best possible view is certainly from one called Tungeneset. This vista point offers quite spectacular scenery as it is closest place on land from where you can observe the majestic mountains. Unlike many others it is easily accessible from the road. You can leave your car at the adjacent resting place and walk down through the photogenic wooden footbridge to the rocky coast. I Personally recommend you to walk to the nearly end of the beach for two following reasons. Firstly, most of the tourists stop at the very beginning of the coast so you will get much cleaner view. Predominantly there are flooded holes which create sort of mini lakes. Slack water in there is just perfect for reflections and it is possible to achieve lot of beautiful photos there.

Ersfjord Beach

Less than 5 minutes’ drive from Tungeneset lead you to one of the most spectacular beach on the island. You should really spend some time here as it is perfect spot for either camping or swimming If you don´t mind relatively cool water. Anyway it´s quite an experience to bathe by the polar circle.